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Marathon Training Plan: Beginner | Intermediate | Advance-I

Marathon training will be challenging, but should not be painful. Actually training should be fun and enjoyable!! There are many training programs available that are prepared by various coaches. These are a framework for training and you should listen to your body and get advice of your physician/therapist/coach. Before jumping to training make yourself familiar with following elements of training:-

Long Runs (LR) Are the key of every edurance program. Regardless of where you start, gradually increase to move toward marathon distance. Last long run should be done 3-4 weeks from marathon. Run 1-2 minute slower than marathon pace.

Easy Runs (ER) should be 30-60minute during week at comfortable pace. If running with partner make sure you are not pushed on easy days.

Rest Days (REST) mean no or minimal physical activities. Try to stay off your feet. Its ok to even take extra day off than scheduled as needed.

Walk Breaks Walking is a perfect strategy to finish strong and have PR! try during training runs. Walking gives your body rest, and you'll be able to continue running comfortably. It's best to walk when you want to, not when you have to(fatigued). Read more at Jeff Galloway

Marathon Pace (MP) is the pace you plan to run in the race you're training for. Some speed work invole running on marathon pace.

Cross Training (XT) can be substitute on easy days. You can do yoga,swimming, biking etc. but keep it easy.

Fartlek (FK) Fartlek is Swedish word means "speedplay." Start with 10-15 minutes warm-up, run as you feel varing between fast & slow running. Sprint to landmark/tree(short distance) then jog once recovered run fast again. Cool-down 15minutes.

Tempo Runs (TR) is a continuous run with a buildup in the middle to near race pace. A tempo run of 40 minutes would begin with 10 minutes easy running, then gradually accelerate 15-20 minutes, building to peak speed, then decelerate gradually to finish with 10 minutes easy running.

Interval Training varing distance(400meter to 2mile) repeats at certain pace and recovery in between(1-3min). 800s and 1mile is more favorite with marathon training plans.

Hill Training Hill training is an important part of building the strength to finish strong Run up hard and jog back down. Be sure to warm up by slow run/jogging a mile or two before and cool down with the same distance after.

Speed Work Speed training involves running faster than race pace but for a shorter distance (400 meters to 1 mile). Speed work improves your anaerobic energy systems and strength.

Yasso 800s Run 800 meter repeats based on marathon time goal e.g. if your goal is 4:00 hour run 800m(2 lap on track) in 4:00minute with 400meter recovery jog. Read more at Yasso 800s